England face elimination from the World Cup if they do not beat Slovenia in their final game.

Oh Happy Day!

Not because I'm an Irishman but because they are playing crap football

Of course with France almost certainly eliminated Irish fans will be feeling happy with themselves.

It is always fun to see the English arrive on a wave of hype and expectation and then disappoint one more time.

Every major tournament they have been in since the 1966 World Cup they have fallen apart at the vital moment.

By now we should expect nothing else but with $9 million coach Fabio Capello on board it seemed all was going to be different this time.

Its like waiting for an alcoholic to finally give up the drink and believing his promise one last time -- except he fails to deliver.

Wayne Rooney came to the World Cup with the British calling him one of the greatest in the world.

Based on his two performances so far he might make the reserve eleven for Torquay United.

The whole team looks like they are playing on heavy sand. The build up is ponderous, the attacking ideas non existent. Algeria might even have stolen the game with a dreadful back pass from John Terry that was almost intercepted.

In other words, England stink. They play with all the power of a dead battery

Should we be surprised?