The Connacht Championship encounter between New York and Sligo brought over 2000 viewers to Gaelic Park in the Bronx on Sunday.

 With eleven different players getting on the score sheet for the visitors it brought an easy win and a date with Galway in the next round. The Yeats men dominated in all facets with the half back line completely dominant in the first half when the side was building a 1-10 to 0-03 lead. While 2-08 in unanswered scores during a 16 minute period I n the second half completely killed off the game.

New York started brightly but three wides were their only reward in the opening five minutes. Sligo did the same at the other end before they finally found their shooting mark with a burst of 1-03 with Stephen Coen the goal scorer when he capitalized on a misfortunate dropped ball by the New York keeper.

A CJ Molloy free finally put NY on the board with 17 minutes gone but again Sligo came back with the breaks around the middle of the field all going their way. They added six points to their total for an insurmountable even at this early stage, lead of 1-09 to 0-01.

New York fought gallantly as the first period came to a close as they had two of the final three points of the half. The best of the bunch was a towering CJ Molloy point from over fifty yards out.   They added to their total with an Eoghan Carew point to open the second half after Molloy was fouled but Sligo had the next three points, Breheney had two. After a Sean Kelly, (sub) point for New York.

A flurry of scores came for Sligo. Six points were followed by a Pat Hughes goal when a full field move from their own 21 ended with the burly center forward after a beautiful final one two with Coen, alone in front of Alan Hearty. He slid the ball to the net to extend the advantage to 2-19 to 0-05. On the resultant kickout Pat Hughes again found possession and added a point before Eugene Mullan had the final minor.

They were not finished scoring however as Stephen Coen punctuated his own performance with his second and the team’s third goal when the ball again moved more than eighty yards in seconds with swift passes and overlaps.

New York had the final point of the afternoon with a Carew free but the easy victory was secure for Sligo.
New York 1 Alan Hearty (Armagh) 2 Ronan McGinley (Captain)(Cavan) 3 Donnacha O’Dwyer (Rangers) 4 Paul Lamb (Cavan) 5 Conor Hogan (St Barnabas) 6 Sean Kelly (Monaghan) 7 Caolan Short (Armagh) 8 Eoghan Carew (Cavan) (0-03) 9 Mike Jim Fitzgerald (Kerry) 10 Sean Kinahane (Cork) 11 Padraig King (Kerry) 12 Eoghan Hogan (Kerry) 13 Darren Moore (Long Island Gaels) 14 CJ Molloy (Donegal) (0-02)  15 Declan Reilly (Dublin) Subs Mike Kennedy for Kinahane Ciaran Conlon for Shane Hogan, Stuart Stokes for Short, Rory Stafford for Reilly, Sean Kelly (Kerry) for Eoin Hogan
Sligo 1 Philip Greene 2 Neil Ewing 3 Noel McGuire 4 Ross Donavan (0-01) (Captain)5 Charlie Harrison 6 Mark Quinn 7 Paul McGovern (0-01) 8 Tony Taylor (0-01)9 Shane McManus (0-01)10 Brendan Egan (0-01) 11 Pat Hughes (1-01)12 Alan Costello (0-01)13 Stephen Coen (2-04)14 Adrian Marron (0-06)15 Mark Breheny (0-04) Subs Eugene Mullan (0-01) David Maye for Marron, Jonathon Davey for Harrison, James Clarke for Costello, Keelan Cawley for McGovern

Referee Eddie Kinsella (Laois)

Man of the Match Stephen Coen (Sligo)

Gaelic Park in the Bronx, NYGoogle Images