Senior receiver Duval Kamara will not play the Sun Bowl with the Notre Dame Fighting Irish (7-5) against the Miami Hurricanes (7-5) on Friday. His career at Notre Dame is over.
According to a Notre Dame spokesperson Kamara has left the team due to personal reasons.
As the team begins training for the match on Friday in El Paso they are mindful that they are down one team mate. Speaking after Monday’s practice receiver Michael Floyd said “It is going to be tough, and we are going to have to have guys step up…I’m pushing everybody, and everybody is pushing each other to make sure that somebody is going to pick up what he is not here for.”
Quarterback Tommy Rees said “He’s a good player, a big target and a great teammate.”
Notre Dame will turn to freshman TJ Jones and junior John Goodman to fill in for Kamara. He had been listed to start for the Sun Bowl.
“It gives other guys a chance to step up,” said Rees. “TJ and Goody (Goodman) have been playing throughout the year, and the next-man-in philosophy, you got to move forward.
“We’ve proven to have people step in and play well.
“TJ’s done a lot this year, and he’s done a great job at practices and games. We will count on him, and he will do a great job.”