Dublin boss Jim Gavin will lay down the law with his players after midfielder Denis Bastick’s was sent off late in Saturday night’s O’Byrne Cup final defeat to Kildare at Parnell Park.

Gavin said, “There was two of them at it. I suppose the cynical part of the game was kicking in at that stage and frustration got the better of Denis.

“But there was a blatant foul on one of our guys, which was happening quite regularly, and the referee wasn’t doing anything about it. But I’m sure his assessor will look at that.

“Denis knows my feelings and the players know my feelings in terms of that indiscipline, and certainly I don’t tolerate it.”

Dublin lost the match in extra-time but Gavin wasn’t too concerned.

He added, “In the context of the game, it’s a pre-season tournament. There is a long road ahead.”

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