The Dublin players have absolute faith in the approach rookie manager Pat Gilroy has adopted in the early days of his tenure, according to Alan Brogan.

Gilroy has blooded a slew of new players in the league so far, while a number of more experienced names have been tested in unfamiliar positions.

The manager has not been helped by a crippling injury list and the absence of the Kilmacud Crokes players due to their involvement in the All-Ireland club Championship.
As a result, the Dubs are struggling at the foot of the Division One table after shipping heavy defeats against Derry and Galway, but Gilroy has been consistent in his assertion that he is not concerned with results this early in the season.

And Brogan, one of the Dubs’ marquee forwards, says the players’ trust in the manager means there have not been any dissenting voices in the dressing room.  

 "They've explained what they're trying to do and players are buying into it," said Brogan.

"Now at the same time, you don't like playing games and shipping a beating like we did against Derry. But as long as everyone trusts in what the management are doing and the management trust the players and everyone is singing off the same hymn sheet, it's not really a problem.

"Obviously, we're not going to win the National League now. We're not going to qualify for the final, our goal now is just survival.

"If we win one of the last two games, we'll survive. We probably haven't been going as well but in fairness, the lads are trying new things and brought in a lot of new faces.

"That probably hasn't helped in terms of getting results. Playing in Division One against the best teams in Ireland, you don't have that opportunity to have an off-day.

“When you're playing four or five new guys, if something doesn't work out you end up taking a hammering and that's just what happens when you're in Division one."