Dropkick Murphys, the Boston Irish punk rock band, can take credit for the incredible gold medal performance of U.S. double Olympic champion Seth Westcott on Monday.

Westcott had only come 17th in the time trial in the snowboarding event but when it came to the final, Wescott says he found inspiration from listening to the Boston punk rock band who roused pride in his Irish heritage.

Westcott told Reuters Dropkick Murphys made the difference. "The combination of things they have, bringing traditional sounds like the bagpipes into it, the Irish heritage ...and so there's something about that for whatever reason I've had pride in since I was a young kid and just does something to me emotionally and gets me fired up."

Westcott had his iPod on during his historic run and listening to 'Curse of a Fallen Soul" and "Victory" as he made his gold medal surge. "I grew up as a skateboarder and so punk music is part of that scene and that lifestyle," he said.