The conclusion of Week 15 brings with it the latest edition of's power rankings from Staff Writer Cian Fahey and From the Bleachers blogger Cormac Eklof.

Cian’s Rankings                                                                            Cormac’s Rankings


Cian: The Packers certainly proved that the Patriots are beatable, its just very difficult to do.

Cormac: Things you look for in ‘good’ teams; Section 43 Part A segment C; ‘The ability to win even when you don’t play well and your opponent plays out of their skin’. Check.

1.Patriots (1)


Cian: The Saints lost a tough game in Baltimore, largely due to the brilliance of Ray Rice. The Saints won't see a back as good as Rice again this season before the Superbowl.

Cormac: Michael Turner dislikes that comment! The Falcons just keep on quietly winning games, and continue padding their lead towards home field all the way to the big show.

2.Falcons (2)


Cian: It was a routine victory for the Falcons this week. You know you have a good team when a victory in the NFL can be called routine.

Cormac: Can’t drop the Saints too low as they played okay, and are still in good shape.

3.Saints (3)


Cian: The Eagles showed off their offensive explosion with just one quarter of football. More importantly, Michael Vick showed his ability in the clutch approaching the playoffs.

Cormac: 28 points in one quarter – what can you say bar, wow.

4.Eagles (5)


Cian: The Steelers had a chance to beat the Jets on the last play of the game without the trio of Aaron Smith, Troy Polamalu and Heath Miller who should return for the playoff run.

Cormac: Ray Rice unleashed. The Ravens played very well in beating the second best team in the NFC.

5.Ravens (7)


Cian: Vincent Jackson hasn't missed a beat and Rivers is still waiting to have both he and Gates in the lineup.

Cormac: Have to give the Chargers their due respect, they have come on strong of late, as they appear to do every season. T-Minus a couple of weeks to their playoff implosion.

6.Chargers (8)


Cian: It seems my petition to bring Ray Rice back in Baltimore worked well for the Ravens.

Cormac: Is it just me or does Pittsburgh seem kind of fake? Bad home losses to the Jets and Patriots now, where the Steel curtain looked more like the Polyester curtain.

Cian: Can't really argue with that, the one thing I will say is they are really suffering from injuries right now to an almost Green Bay Packer level.

7.Steelers (4)


Cian: A tough loss against a very good Eagles team will need to be forgotten if the Giants are to make the playoffs.

Cormac: That was an impressive team effort by the Jets. Now, can they replicate two weeks in a row? They are playing for their Wild Card lives.

8.Jets (9)


Cian: It’s simple; Never bet against Peyton Manning.

Cormac: The Bears just keep on trucking, their defence deserves extra credit for possibly ridding us of the greatest narcissist in NFL history. And I don’t mean Terrell Owens.

9. Bears (10)


Cian: Having watched the Jets victory in Heinz Field, I still can't figure out how they won. The difference was special teams as the Jets offered up nothing playoff worthy on offense while the defense couldn't get off the field.

Cormac: The Steelers didn’t, and haven’t, offered much offensively either. I would trust the Jets offence over the Steelers right now. Meanwhile, welcome to the top 10, Peyton!

10.Colts (11)


Cian:The Jags were impressive in an unfortunate loss to the Colts. The lack of fortune being that David Garrard is not Peyton Manning.

Cormac: Thud. That’s the Giants falling a few spots. Frankly, it was easy to predict. The Giants just are not a good team, and haven’t beaten anyone decent in ’10. Their flimsy record is built on the backs of beating bad teams.

11.Giants (6)


Cian: Don't underestimate the quality of victory that the Chiefs earned in St. Louis.

Cormac: Hey, we agree on one! Matt Cassel should get more MVP votes than Michael Vick, in my opinion.

12.Chiefs (15)


Cian: The Bears celebrated winning the NFC North in Minnesota, that's about all they are likely to celebrate this year.

Cormac: Disappointing loss in a big situation for the Jags.

13.Jaguars (12)

14.Buccaneers (14)

Cian: There is no longer any shame in losing to the Lions.

Cormac: How do you predict what the fish are going to do, week in, week out? Flip a coin?

Cian: Its possible that the Dolphins will go 1-7 at home and 7-1 on the road. How ridiculous is that?

14.Dolphins (13)


Cian: Sam Bradford hasn't thrown a touchdown in three games. Its time to question if he has hit the rookie wall.

Cormac: Bad loss to an admittedly emerging Lions team, however with their season on the line we expected more from Tampa.

15.Buccaneers (14)


Cian: The game plan was perfectly run against the Patriots, while Flynn played well Aaron Rodgers may have ended Tom Brady's streak if healthy.

Cormac: Gutsy showing in new England. Matt Flynn opened a few eyes, for sure.

16.Packers (16)


Cian: The Lions won back to back football games, with Drew Stanton at quarterback, that is a signal of how much this team has improved.

Cormac: Beating the Broncos is basically doing what is expected of you these days.

17.Raiders (17)


Cian: The Raider's must wish that they could play the Broncos every week.

Cormac: Tennessee played as a team against Houston, and played very well. If they could only bottle that kind of performance.

18.Titans (21)


Cian: The only interesting thing between the Titans and Texans game was the potential for a rematch between Johnson and Finnegan. Not for the first time this year, both teams disappointed.

Cormac: A lot of teams would have folded in the face of that Redskins comeback. Dallas deserves credit for riding it out and finding a way to win.

19.Cowboys (22)


Cian: As much as Tebow impressed, the Broncos were still blown out by the Raiders.

Cormac: I am not buying this Tebow thing. He made a couple of nice plays, but overall completed only 50% of his passes and threw some really bad balls that should have been picked. My 2011 prediction, Orton (a vastly superior passer) beats Tebow in camp battle and Tebow is either traded or spends ’11 riding the pine. How did a loss propel the Rams upwards? Let’s call it a market correction, and the teams below them played even worse.

20.Rams (18)


Cian: Ryan Fitzpatrick is a keeper.

Cormac: Turgid loss to the Titans. Turgid.

21.Titans (21)


Cian: Colt McCoy continues to impress and bring balance to an offense that needs just one more playmaker.

Cormac: Ryan Fitzpatrick is a (surprising) stud.

22.Bills (23)


Cian: Chad Henne looks lost as an NFL quarterback. You like McNabb in Miami next year Cormac?

Cormac: Are we seeing the real Browns now? I like McNabb as a human being but can’t imagine him playing QB for anyone next season, he is so poorly conditioned it isn’t funny. He is like a slightly slimmer Jamarcus Russell.

23.Browns (20)


Cian: The only thing worse than the Texans defense last week was Arian Foster's 15 yards from 11 carries.

Cormac: Stunning win for the Lions against a Buccaneers team that was playing for the playoffs. Watch out for these guys in ’11.

Cian: If they add another top five pick to that defense they could be a real contender in the NFC.

24.Lions (25)


Cian: John Kitna has slowly put up an MVP season since replacing Romo...Just making sure you were still awake! What odds can I get on Jerry Jones changing the channel on the huge screen at the Cowboys stadium before the season ends?

Cormac: Plop. And there goes the 49ers last chance. Probably. What a pathetic showing against the Chargers. I would vote for Kitna over Vick. I’ll give you 10,000,000/1, Jones is actually seemingly enjoying the Cowboy’s mini revival.

25.49ers (24)


Cian: The Vikings will need to build a new team along with that stadium they are planning.

Cormac: The Denzel Washington’s (I want the ‘Skins to put a goofy image of Denzel Washington on the side of their helmet and change their names to ‘the Washington Blackmen’ and see if anyone takes them to task) showed heart in their loss to Dallas.

26.Redskins (27)


Cian: The Seahawks are irrelevant, even by NFC West standards.

Cormac: The Vikings are a car crash. People stop and watch even though they know they shouldn’t.

27.Vikings (26)


Cian: Cedric Benson looked like the back of last year against the Browns, pity the rest of the season hes looked like the back in Chicago of years gone by.

Cormac: I am buying into this Panthers mini revival. They are playing very hard with ostensibly nothing to play for. They are playing better than many of those with similar records.

Cian: Jimmy Clausen's is playing for and winning his job.

28.Panthers (32)


Cian: Mike Shanahan's pride has ruined the Redskin's season. That and the lack of offense...defense...and special teams.

Cormac: Tip of the cap to Cedric the entertainer. Nice, steady, hard fought win over a big rival.

29.Bengals (31)


Cian: Cormac called it last week. Jimmy Clausen looked good against the Cardinals, although that may just be because John Skelton was the only other quarterback to compare him to.

Cormac: I would vote for Jimmy Clausen for MVP over Vick (spotting a theme yet?!). The ‘Hawks only excuse is they are rebuilding.

30.Seahawks (28)


Cian: Cardinal's fans should take the defeat to the Panthers as a personal insult. This team has plummeted since the Superbowl. There is Cardinal blood on Kurt Warner's hands.

Cormac: What on earth is Denver’s excuse?

31.Broncos (29)


Cian: The 49ers offense is nothing without Frank Gore. This team has no offensive identity anymore while the defense is underperforming.

Cormac: I would vote for Alex Smith for MVP over Vick. Arizona are shockingly bad.

32.Cardinals (30)