Even after an exciting opening performance by the Domers last Saturday, they still fail (by inches!) to make my Power 12. Like a walk-on embarking upon training camp, they still have a lot to prove. But a win against Michigan and their stock will start rising faster than bakery bread.

  1. Florida (1-0):  After their Little League baseball game with Charelston Southern, the Gators will prepare for Troy.  And by prepare, I mean go to the beach and chase girls around. 
  2. Texas (1-0):  The Longhorns are to college football what my brother is to my family; the middle child.  Right smack between two SEC juggernauts. 
  1. Alabama (1-0):  Some may have USC in this slot.  But I’ll take the Tide’s McElroy over USC’s Barkley right now.  Bama was rustier than a skeleton key, but still handled Virginia Tech. 
  1. Oklahoma State (1-0):  Took down one of the SEC’s finest in Georgia.  Points might become NBA-esque when they take on Houston this Saturday. 
  1. USC (1-0): Beating up on San Jose State is like stuffing in a piñata with dynamite…Way to easy.  A trip to Ohio State on the other hand, not so much.
  1. Ole Miss (1-0):  Like Alabama, the Rebels almost forgot to show up last weekend, and smoked the opposition.  That kid McCluster is a blast to watch.
  1. BYU (1-0):  When you beat a third-ranked Oklahoma team, you deserve to crack the top ten, regardless of who you are and what conference you play in.  They have a long way to go before they can even mutter “BCS.”
  1. Boise State (1-0):  Coach Peterson is running a national championship caliber program.  Too bad it’s nearly impossible for them to play for one.
  1. Ohio State (1-0):  Barely got past a pesky Navy squad.  Seemed like Pryor and the Bucks became complacent in the second half.  I’m guessing that won’t happen when USC enters Columbus in a few days.      
  1. California (1-0):  Took care of business against ACC chump Maryland.  Jahvid Best is as good as advertised (137 yards on 11 carries and two TDs) and Kevin Riley could play QB for my team any day (298 yards and four TDs).  
  1. LSU (1-0):  Jake Locker and Washington gave Tiger fans a scare last week.  That shouldn’t be the case when they return to Baton Rouge to take on Vandy. 
  1. Penn State (1-0):  Tough to get a read on the Nittany Lions because of their cupcake schedule.  But I liked what I saw when they flew by Akron 31-7.  :