Doc Rivers has verbally agreed to another five-year contract extension to continue coaching the Celtics and is reportedly going over a “few small things” before Danny Ainge makes the official announcement.

Team sources confirmed to Yahoo! Sports report that the new contract was worth $35 million.
Rivers has spent the last eight seasons in Boston and is the second longest tenured coach in the NBA behind San Antonio’s Greg Popovich.

The Boston Celtics are facing just had a difficult lose against the Miami in the Eastern Conference Semifinals.

“I think Doc is the best coach in the league, so I think it’s great for us to have him around,” Ainge said. “There’ve been times over the last couple years I thought he was going to leave. I would have understood if he left. But we’re glad that he’s not.”

He continued: “Last year, when Doc was sort of contemplating whether he wanted to stay or not, I think those were more family issues. He had to resolve some things in his own mind with family. We tried to do a contract extension then, but we were just not on the same page and we were in more of a rush. He just wanted to come back this year and see how it was going to be. So we just did a one-year contract.

"Then, this year it was different. We had been talking since training camp periodically. He didn’t really want to be distracted early in the year. He wanted time and I left him alone. Then, it picked up about midway through the season. We had another conversation. No pressure, just another conversation. But Doc has always known that we wanted him and that an offer was on the table.

"As the playoffs were starting, we started that conversation again. He understood that it was sort of important for me to know what he wanted to do because it’s a long process and there’s a lot of things going on this summer. So he spent time with his family and made that decision a little earlier this time around."


Celtic coach Doc Rivers