In the ebbing years of his career Joe Montana, feeling the heat from the young gun quarterback Steve Young, left the San Francisco 49ers and moved to the Kansas City Chiefs.

The greatest player to every line up behind center performed quite well with Kansas, leading them to a deep run into the playoffs, but he never touched the heights he had with the 49ers.

I'm sure Montana still regrets that he didn't just retire.

Let's face it. Four Superbowl MVP's is pretty hard to match

Derek Jeter is now threatening the same scenario. While Alex Rodriguez is not Steve Young , no doubt the Yankees believe he can play shortstop if he has to and replace Jeter there.

Jeter ,like Montana, can hardly believe what is happening to him, that the Yankees don't grab at his steep demands and re-sign him.

There is even talk that he might end up with the Red Sox which would be even more jarring than it was seeing Joe Montana in Kansas City colors.

Jeter is not indispensable but he may be about to step on his own legend if he doesn't realize that ,while the Yankees have options he really doesn't.

He needs to sign a deal with his lifelong club and continue his legendary career perhaps for one ore season, maybe two.

Time and tide wait for no man, not even legends of the Fall like Montana and Jeter.
Re-up with the Yankees Derek, on something close to their terms.

It is by far the best option --ask Joe Montana.