Can Notre Dame quarterback Dayne Crist last the four quarters against Michigan State Saturday night?

If he does he will be the difference between success and defeat.

Last week's concussion and double vision sent a shudder through the entire Notre Dame season. Brian Kelly has only one quarterback who can play his system.

The two backups last week showed they were a long way from running it.

Crist has proven injury prone. He lost an entire year with a knee injury. he suffered a bad concussion during his high School career.

You can bet Michigan State will be teeing off on him trying to land that knockout blow, literally.

They know without Crist that Notre Dame look a very ordinary team.

That is why Crist is central to success against Michigan State.

The other key on the Notre Dame offense side is Armando Allen.

He had a big game rushing against MSU last year and if he repeats that the Irish will be half way home.

If Kyle Rudolph, still only a junior, continues his early season form as the best tight end in college football then Notre Dame can really start to feel confident.

The game against Michigan should have been won, especially when they went ahead late in the final quarter.

A mark of Charlie Weis teams was their inability to put opponents away.

Let's hope Brian Kelly's team do not show the same flaw this season.

If Crist stays healthy I will bet they won't.

Without him all bets are off though.