David Beckham should be made England's captain, not Rio Ferdinand.

The Los Angeles Galaxy player is on the fringes of the English squad for the World Cup but there is no doubt he is the inspirational type of figure that England needs now.

Rio Ferdinand has already got his own chequered past and he certainly lacks the presence and stature that Beckham would bring to the role.

At 34 and a superstar for well over a decade now, Beckham has seen it all and in the white hot cauldron of a World Cup would be a unifying figure for England.

Ferdinand on the other hand is a fine central defender for Manchester United but has never come across as the kind of inspirational figure that players will go through a wall for.

Beckham on the other hand commands tremendous respect, both for his career and his ability to handle the trashy press and walk away with his head held high.

That unfortunately is one of the traits needed in the modern game -- and Beckham has it in spades. It is called charisma and Rio Ferdinand wouldn't know it if it hit him in the face.