Indy racing star Danica Patrick's got a crush on "Twilight" star Robert Pattinson.

Asked who her dream guy is the Irish American said  "My husband, of course."

But then she added: "since I read the 'Twilight' books, the new vampire, Rob Pattinson, is pretty great, too. My dreams came true, though. My husband really is my dream guy."

Asked if ordinary guys have a shot with her she said " My husband is a real guy. He's a physical therapist and worked in sports for a long time. He's definitely a real guy. The misconception is that professional athletes aren't real people. When we come home, we all have the same issues and deal with the same things. We're unhappy and frustrated sometimes, and we have the good stuff, too."

What kind of  behavior turns her off a guy? "Someone who is a really sloppy eater is kinda gross, and I don't like guys who are too pushy. One thing that really bothers me, though, is when guys say things like: 'I have to go hit the head' or 'drain the lizard,' or use other awful ways to describe peeing. I hate that. I really hate it when people don't just say, 'use the restroom.'

Danica says David Beckham's the best looking athlete going. "He is pretty good-looking, confident and comfortable. He's not real cocky. He seems like he really is that hot and doesn't have to try that hard. I got to sit next to him at the ESPYs, so that was good."

Danica's most often compared to Demi Moore and she says sometimes she sees the resemblance. "People have said I look like... Demi Moore, which is very flattering. I see it sometimes, but other times not at all. A lot of photographers say that to me."

When she made it into the "Sports Ilustrated" swimsuit issue for a second time in 2009 Danica said it was a pleasant surprise.

"I was a little bit shocked because I'd been in it last year. I thought it was sort of a guest appearance, and if you're regularly in it, it's not really a guest appearance. I'm surprised and very flattered, again. I love working with everyone," she said.

Danica also shared her recipe for happiness with the magazine.

"Happiness is... Love," she said. "Just having friends and family around and being in a happy situation. Any time you love something, whether it's racing or a new car or pair or shoes or the man you're married to, all those things are happiness."

Asked what made her feel sexy she said  " When I'm getting dressed up to go out at night and I have a nice dress on and a pair of sexy high heels and my husband acknowledges it. I like it when he says 'You look really good tonight.' At the end of the day he's who I want to think I look sexy.