Despite Danica Patrick's recent placing of 24th in Chicago, her average finish is in 30th place.

“Here is the best part about our sport,” Kyle Pettys a retired NASCAR driver said. “Male, female, red and yellow, black and white wherever you want to go. It doesn’t make any difference because you’re not going to be here if you aren’t competitive.

“And that’s how simple it is. If she was 6-6, 220 pounds, ripped like Carl Edwards, but she couldn’t drive a race car, she’s not going to be here long. If she’s 5-foot, 95 pounds and as good looking as she is, if she can’t drive a race car, she’s not going to be here long. This is a sport that rewards success but if you’re not successful, it’s a cruel sport. It will just kick you to the wayside and we’ll never hear from you again," added Pettys.

However Danica isn't giving up. She is due be back on the circuit driving for JR Motorsports next season.

JRM co-owner Kelley Earnhardt told reporters last week that she is waiting for the IndyCar schedule to be released to figure out how many races Danica will be able to fit into the NASCAR schedule.