Danica Patrick has been involved in a high-speed crash during the Scotts EZ Seed 300 Nationwide Series on Saturday. Patrick crashed on Lap 247 having lost control of her vehicle.

The 28-year-old race car driver qualified 29th for the race and was running in the top 15 when she was hit with a speeding penalty at Lap 203. She was then running 17th when she lost control on Turn 1 after colliding with Ryan Truex's car.

After the crash she climbed out of the car and threw her arms in Truex's direction. She told Fox "I was just running down the straight and it felt like he came into my right front. I don't know exactly what happened but I don't think I did anything. Ryan just runs really hard. He's grabbling for every last bit. It took me, shoot, what 20 laps to pass him".

Truex accepted blame for the incident. He said "I came off and came up - the right rear just almost hit the wall and came down to save it. Patrick was there and came down on her and pretty much ended her day. I feel bad about that".

As well as being a Nascar and IndyCar racer, Danica Patrick is also a model, advertising spokeswoman and actress.