Danica Patrick, who puts her life on the line every time she gets behind the wheel of a car to race now wants a say in how things should be done.

Patrick, along with two-time series champion Dario Franchitti, former series champion Tony Kanaan and veteran racer Justin Wilson, have all pledged their commitment to the newly formed driver's association IZOS IndyCar Series

“A lot of us sit and talk, but to get everybody in a room together was the main focus,” said Franchitti said after the announcement.

“I have a very good relationship with Brian and I go to him with all kinds of things.

“In Brazil this year, I went to him and said, ‘Brian, this straight is dangerous. We’ll have a big accident.’ And he straightaway reacted to it, and there’s been a lot of different situations I’ve been able to go to him.

“I just think this will improve the lines of communication with all the drivers instead of just a couple talking to Brian. We’ll get the opinions of everybody about safety, the things we see at the tracks that others don’t. It’s been a long time coming.”

Patrick said the group will give the drivers a stronger voice on safety, competition and other issues.

“We got together as drivers and think it’s a good idea to have a voice and be more professional and unified on what we want,” Patrick told reporters last week at Michigan International Speedway.

However attempts to form a similar group in NASCAR has been rejected but Patrick doesn't want to get in the middle of that debate.

“I definitely don’t have enough experience over here to know whether you need one or not,” Patrick said.

“I definitely don’t want to say anything about this side of things until I have much more time under my belt.’’