The new so-called 'Steelers rule' has found one prominent detractor: Dan Rooney. 
Although he won't criticize the NFL outright (unlike some of his players) there's no question he's taken a dim view since the league announced it would punish teams for players who commit a series of illegal on-field hits this season.
'I don't think the NFL is calling it the 'Steelers Rule,' I think the press is,' Rooney told the Pittsburgh Tribune-Review.
'It's just one of those things where you have to play and just do what you have to do.'
But less varnished players like James Harrison and LaMarr Woodley - who have already spoken of the "Steelers Rule" - have criticized the NFL for implementing the change.
Rooney - who is currently the U.S. Ambassador to Ireland whilst his son, Art Rooney II, runs the team - told the press that while he doesn't think the league is targeting the Steelers, he questions the reasons behind the rule change.
'I think there's too many things involved to have that rule,' Rooney said.