Friend in arms: Neil Lennon could be a savvy choice to take over from Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford

Could Celtic skipper Neil Lennon be the person to take over from Sir Alex Ferguson at Old Trafford?

Ferguson admires the doughty Northern Irish international and must surely have looked on in amazement as Lennon's Celtic defeated Barcelona in the European Champions Cup and qualified for the final rounds to everyone's astonishment.

Lennon has proven he can handle the European arena, these days far more important than domestic football.

He has kept his team competitive, despite the fact that 90 percent of their games in the Scottish Premier are essentially laughably one sided for them - no mean feat.

As for pressure there are few greater tasks than taking over Celtic where the fan expectation is always sky high. He has handled that well.

Ferguson will have a huge say in who his successor is and the Old Trafford folk have already said that competence at the European level is a key factor.

For his part Lennon would have to tame his occasional temperoutbursts but like Ferguson, fiery can be good when a huge game is on the line.

Lennon is a huge fan of the Scot Ferguson and the men are friends, which helps.

After he resigned Lennon said "It is a real shock that Sir Alex has left the game he loves and undoubtedly football will really miss him, however, I would like to wish him all the very best on his very well-deserved retirement. It is a privilege to know Sir Alex and I would like to thank him for all the assistance he has given me as a manager. There is no better source of help and advice than Sir Alex Ferguson.

"He has decades of experience as a manager but most importantly he knows how to win. He has given Manchester United fans a glorious period of success, bringing trophy after trophy to Old Trafford and making his club one of the biggest footballing institutions in the world."