At its next gathering, Cork county board's executive will face a vote of 'no confidence'.

Ballyhea will bring forward a motion - carried by 33 votes to four at a club general meeting - that the executive step down after a calamitous five-month dispute involving the 2008 hurling panel and the former management team.

Ballyhea chairman Noel O'Riordan is apprehensive that the county board on Monday voted to allow Central Council to appoint a three-man committee to find the new hurling boss to replace Gerald McCarthy.

"We would have a lot of concerns about how that vote was conducted because it was the system backed by the executive," he is quoted as saying in the Irish Daily Mail.

"Such is the voting block that they have as a grouping, the other motions never stood a chance," he went on.

O'Riordan added that the board hierarchy had 'credibility' problems and pleaded with clubs to push for a special convention, but the chance of its motion succeeding must be considered rather slim.