This past Saturday, home side Lansdowne utilized an expansive approach as they displayed their best performance of the season. After a brief absence, Blake Mannion made a welcome return to the pitch and impacted immediately. In the 5th minute after a lengthy sprint, center Mannion fortuitously chipped ahead towards Man of the Match EJ Brutus, who emphatically slammed down in the corner. The conversion by Austin Purcell gave Lansdowne a 7-0 advantage. Four minutes later, the Connecticut out half slotted a penalty from in front of goal after several effective phases. In the 11th minute, the Yankees got to within 1 as a Lansdowne infringement gave the visitors another shot at goal. For the next 26 minutes, the match was played evenly as neither side was able to breach the opposition's defense. However, in minute 38, Lansdowne advanced into Connecticut territory and earned a shot at goal. Austin Purcell's conversion gave Lansdowne a 10-6 halftime lead.

Manus O'Sullivan and EJ Brutus led a rock solid Lansdowne defense in the 2nd half. The home side were able to control possession, thereby preventing Connecticut from making inroads. In the 46th minute, after several resounding phases, Blake Mannion touched down via a quick tap penalty. In minute 68, Austin Purcell linked up with Manus O'Sullivan, who offloaded to EJ Brutus. Winger Brutus weaved his magic and scored his 2nd try of the game. Just 2 minutes later, John Farrell broke free and galloped 40 meters upfield. Center Farrell offloaded to Austin Purcell, who completed the chain to John Giordano. Fullback Giordano flew 30 meters into goal and promptly touched down. Austin Purcell's conversion finished the numbers.

The "B" game was won by Lansdowne 12-0. Paul Antezzo opened the scoring by slamming down out of a ruck in the 6th minute. Dave Russell converted via a drop goal. In injury time, "Ageless" Gerry Powers galloped 40 meters into goal, thereby demonstrating to the young fellows the proper way to do things. Outstanding performances were also put in by Man of the Match Gary Eck and "Rampaging" Stephen Murphy.

Lansdowne practices are held every Monday and Wednesday at 7:00 in Tibbetts Brook Park in Yonkers. All interested players should come on down or contact the Club at any of the following: email, phone hotline (914)584-4541, or website

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