Quarterback Jimmy Clausen is likely to bid farewell to Notre Dame now that Charlie Weis is a goner as head coach according to sources.

Clausen has been a Weis creation, nurtured from his freshman year and the loss of his coach is expected to be the determining factor for Clausen in deciding to go to the pros from his junior year.

Weis developed Tom Brady while at the New England Patriots and has had a similar Midas touch with Clausen who was in the running for a Heisman tophy until the wheels came off the Notre Dame express.

It is also possible that wide receiver Golden Tate will also bolt for the pros in his junior year.

There is a domino effect here with Weis going probably sealing Clauen's decision which in turn will impact Golden Tate who has been showcased because of Clausen's strong arm.

So the new coach may find himself in the toughest of all situations, inheriting a team that may only be at .500 if Stanford defeat them which seems likely and without the backbone of the most successful part of the team.

Without Clausen the quarterback situation looks dire for next year.

First choice backup Dayne Crist tore his knee up in the Washington State game and will miss the remainder of the season and possibly next year as well.

Current backup Evan Sharpley is a fifth year senior.