Graeme McDowell’s team-mate Chris Devlin has said that he wasn’t surprised by the Northern Irish golfer’s victory at the Pebble Beach US Open last week.
"I talked to Graeme just before he teed off for his final round and told him to have no regrets about what was about to happen and to leave it all out there," said Devlin.
Devlin, who lives in Panama City Beach, FL, plays on the NGA/Hooters Tour and is also from Northern Ireland. He said that McDowell struggled his first year in the US, but then really settled in.
"He is very intelligent and very arrogant, which served him very well at the U.S. Open," Devlin said. "I really thought that once he got in contention that he would win. He was not scared to do so."
He also said that the superstar golfer has a small circle of friends and has a busy family life.
He also said that Irish golf was in a boom phase: "Irish golf is way up. Look at Rory's win at Wachovia and now Graeme winning the U.S. Open.”

Chris Devlin