Have you noticed that the Kansas City Chiefs have started 3-0 , their best record in decades and that the quarterback Matt Cassell is burning up the NFL?

Have you noticed that the offensive co-ordinator is someone called Charlie Weis and that he formerly coached a college team called Notre Dame.

Notre Dame are 1-3 last time I looked and some are starting to look at the Weis years as the golden ones.

I'm sure Weis who was vilified in his last season by the Golden Dome is allowing himself a smug smile or two as he surveys the
chaos since he left and the incredible start the Chiefs have made.

Jimmy Clausen, his main player is already a starter in the NFL, starting against the Cincinnati Bengals for the Carolina Panthers.

Okay, he didn't blow the world away but he still had a solid outing 16 of 33 for 188 yards.

Meanwhile over at Arrowhead Stadium Matt Cassel is hitting his stride, decimating the 49ers on Sunday and sparking a dream season for long suffering Kansas City fans.

That is Matt Cassel who is a major reclamation project for Weis,who has shown he has a magic touch with quarterbacks.

With Notre Dame now 1-3 and more and more questions about whether Brian Kelly is talented enough to make the step up to coaching the Fighting Irish, Weis is starting to look better in the rear view mirror.

Hindsight is 20/20 but I'm sure Charlie Weis, who did not leave Notre Dame in the happiest of circumstances is heating up that cold dish called revenge these days.