Chad Ochocinco has done a few unusual—and when I say unusual I don't mean bullriding—things lately. The first thing was during the summer when he spoke about wanting to change his name back to Johnson. The second occurred the other day when he spoke on twitter about the fact that he would be a lot quieter during the season(or something along those lines).

Now that all makes sense!

The New England Patriots marriage with Chad Ochcocinco will definitely test Ochocinco's fascination with the media and speaking his mind. The Patriots do not work in the same way as the Cincinnati Bengals so much so that Ochocinco will not get away with his antics from the past.

I doubt that this will bother the talented receiver however.

Ochocinco has never had much team success in Cincinnati and has likely joined the Patriots in order to change that before he retires. He restructured his contract in order to fit into the team's cap after the Bengals and Patriots agreed a trade that involved multiple late round choices.

Bill Belichick will obviously be attracted to Ochocinco's determination and commitment to winning as he is know for his competitive nature and passion to win on the field.

While he has a reputation as a trouble maker, he has never actually been in trouble. He has never been involved in any off the field incidents nor has he ever been suspended by the NFL.

He is definitely on the back end of his career but his recent struggles have been more reflective of the Bengals offense rather than the player himself. At 33 years of age it wouldn't be a surprise to anyone if he fulfills his whole contract with the team.

Ochocinco isn't exactly what the team was lacking last season. He no longer has the ability to be a deep threat and in reality never was a specialist in the area throughout his career.

However his route running and ability to catch the football on a consistent basis is special. More than any other receiver on the Patriots' roster Ochocinco is a legitimate first choice receiver. He is the replacement for Randy Moss and will bring a new dynamic to the offense.

His route running will make him fit perfectly in the Patriots offense.

The one downside of this move will likely be the loss of Ochocinco's antics and constant entertainment in the media but I'm sure Pats fans won't mind.

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