Celtic manager Neill Lennon is pressurizing Aiden McGeady to make a quick decision on whether or not to move to Spartak Moscow.
McGeady is due to have talks with the Russian club after Celtic accepted a bid for the winger believed to be close to £10million.
McGeady was previously on course to complete a transfer to Aston Villa, but that club is believed to lack the funds necessary to secure his transfer, making the Russian team the most likely contender for a possible purchase.
"As far as I know he was travelling today to speak to Moscow and have a look at the club and the surroundings and take things from there," said Lennon of his player’s movements,
"This has dragged on a bit longer than what we wanted,” the boss added, and said that “I would like to think that we would get a definitive idea after this."
The Celtic manager, though, who was once the team’s captain, said that money derived from a transfer would be re-invested in the club:
"I would like to think we would get all of it," said  Lennon, "What comes in goes back out on the football side of things. That's been made clear.
"It's up to me whether I want to spend that amount or not. "I think we need a couple of areas to improve the squad but I don't think it will take all that money to do that."
Celtic are currently hoping to turn around a 3-0 deficit against Braga in the Champions League qualifiers at Parkhead, but the winger has not been included in the plans.
The manager did show some sympathy towards his player, though, adding that he’d once been in the same situation:
"The injury [which McGeady is suffering from] is genuine - Aiden doesn't fake those kind of things because he always wants to play football - but he's in a difficult situation right now,"
"I've been there myself years ago towards the end of my time at Leicester when I knew Celtic were interested and making bids for me.
"As a player, your head is all over the place under those circumstances and he's in that place at the minute," the manager added.