Celtic soccer team manager Neil Lennon said that although winning is his top propriety he is also insistent on doing so with "style."

Lennon told Huddle Online: "I want my team, firstly, to go out and win the game.

"Every game we play is a must-win game for us. The bonus of that is that we play in a certain style."

On attacking style he had this to say, "I think we have brought players in here who can play an attacking style of football and we have players who are decent defensively too.

"We are building as we go along and are looking for the right ingredients all the time - to put a team out that the fans enjoy watching and which is a winning team into the bargain."

Speaking about having time to enjoy other football he said,  "I miss the games, but it does give me the opportunity to go and watch other teams.

"I was fortunate enough to get taken to the Scotland-Spain game and it was a pleasure to be there and a terrific advert for football.

"It was a pleasure to watch Spain play and Scotland played very well too."

Celtic have scooped seven wins this season under Lennon's management, a true testament to his leadership. 

The Scottish team hold the top place in the league above arch rivals Rangers.

A Sunday game against Dundee will verify if the Celts will remain on top of the table.