One of the oldest and most bitter rivalries in soccer history will take center stage in Boston this summer.

Celtic and Rangers will play an Old Firm derby at Fenway Park Boston on July 21 this summer according to the Boston Herald newspaper.

The two teams have never met outside Glasgow but a US-based promotions company has made a very attractive offer for the two sides to meet which had been accepted .

Celtic are already down to play Manchester United in Toronto on July 16 or 17, while Rangers are close to signing up games in Miami and New York around the same period.

Organizers are confident of selling out the near-70,000 ground for an Old Firm game, creating some much-needed revenue for both clubs.

Crowd control could be a problem. Celtic/Rangers clashes are notoriously controversial with many violent incidents over the years. Celtic are backed by Catholic supporters while Rangers have a huge Protestant following

A similar proposal was put forward six years ago for Australia but it never got off the ground.