Tennis superstar Caroline Wozniacki has absolved herself of all blame for Rory McIlroy’s late show at the Ryder Cup.

McIlroy needed a police escort to make it to the course at Medinah on time for Sunday’s singles.

The Ulsterman later revealed that he had spent much of the morning chatting to Wozniacki by phone.
The Dane, in Beijing for the China Open, refused to accept blame for McIlroy’s late show.

The USPGA champion went on to beat Irish American Keegan Bradley to help Europe to a stunning win.

Wozniacki beamed: “It was a great win considering his very late arrival yesterday, almost missing his tee time.

“I thought it was very well for him to be able to stay head-cool and go out there and play so well.”

The Danish star added: “I think he mistimed the tee time. He thought he was going to play 12:25, and, well, as we all know it was 11:25. So it wasn’t my fault!

“It’s tough to keep in touch with the time changes obviously because when one is awake the other is sleeping or when one is doing something or the other one is playing.

“But, you know, we try to catch up as much as we can.”

Caroline Wozniacki and Rory McIlroyGetty