Here in Ireland we’re knee-deep in Friday Night Lights thanks to DVD box sets and Netflix. The allure of throwing a pig-skin, snapping a play, having some kid bring you water at half-time, exciting stuff, although it’s not as big in our culture as it is in America.

We want to change that.

If you or someone you know plays high-school American Football and wants to see exactly how green the grass on the other side can be then keep reading. Here in South Dublin, we have the fantastic Tallaght Stadium; it seats 6,000, has easy access to the heart of Dublin City and is central to The Gathering Dublin 2013. We have a lot of interest from teams of all different sports to use it for a game next year so we were thinking…why not reach out to Texas to see if any teams would be interested in playing? Our Managing Director Gail McGibbon went to college in San Antonio and even taught at MacArthur High School so we know how much the Texans love the Irish.

We’re looking to speak to teams that would be keen to visit Ireland in 2013 and play a match here on Ireland’s green football fields (not to brag but Tallaght Stadium won an award for the quality of the grass)(yes, alright, we are bragging). We’ve got great hotels at great prices, a whole country worth of history and culture to visit and you’ll have more fun in a week than you’ll have anywhere else in a year.

Think of it as a school excursion, except going somewhere green. We have one of Ireland’s finest tour operators involved who’ll handle the logistics and have guaranteed the cheapest and most straight-forward package for you. We have a crowd who are so excited to see you guys play (there’s no entrance fees to the game so it’s going to be packed). All we need to know is when you want to come over.

We’re going to head over to Texas (only because Gail misses the Potato & Egg Breakfast Taco from Earl Abel’s) to confirm teams next month in November. Where should we go? We want competitive teams who know how to have fun so if you’re interested get in contact with us ASAP. If you want any further information, send an email to Don’t worry, we’ve got our clocks adjusted for the time difference.



Mayor Cathal King gets into the huddle.The Gathering