You are down by 1 in the last minute, you have a field goal kicker who is 18 for 18 so what does coach Brian Kelly do?

He calls a pass play with a freshman quarterback.

And Andrews Rees throws an interception. Tulsa, yes Tulsa defeats Notre Dame .If you though the loss last year to Connecticut was bad this one really stinks.

And asks very serious questions about Brian Kelly's judgement.

Is it Halloween, Twilight Zone , the curse of the Irish or a combination of all three that leads us to this awful moment?

We may well have witnessed the worst defeat in the school's storied history.

Talk about the luck of the Irish, they would have no luck were it not for bad luck,

A point after try blocked-- two points at the other end.

Tulsa facing third and 26-- a completion with the game on the line.

And then that final drive with the rookie quarertnback doing everything right until the insane last second decision to throw and not give the game over to your ace kicker

Sure Dayne Crist was out, sure Notre Dame was playing in the shadow of the awful Declan Sullivan tragedy.

But there was still no excuse for the decision not to kick a field goal.

I have long beleived coach Kelly is the man that Notre Dame need.

For the first time I'm not so sure