Fighting Irish coach Brian Kelly is going hi-tech with his training at Notre Dame.

He is using a hi-spec hi-tech video game technology package from XOS to help focus his team.

Notre Dame has incorporated XOS Digital Inc.’s PlayAction Simulator with the XOS Recruiting & Scouting Network, XOS Game Analysis and XOS PlayTools, a system designed to digitally diagram and manage playbooks.

Defensive backs coach Chuck Martin says the technology will revolutionize the Fighting Irish recruitment.

“For example, if I like a defensive lineman in my area, I evaluate him and put him in the computer system and I don’t even have to go down the hall to talk to Mike Elston. It goes right to Mike Elston," he says.

"Then he evaluates him and he can push him up to Bob Diaco, our defensive coordinator. And if he likes him, he can push him right up to Brian Kelly without having to have staff meetings, without having to walk and say, ‘Hey would you look at this guy?’”

Kelly is using the technology to train players in his style of offense and to prepare for opposing defenses.

"I think you're trying to maximize your time with your players,” Kelly said. “(NCAA time constrictions) force you to be creative in the time that you spend with your quarterbacks, in particular. We have a video game that allows our players to see the playbook in action.

“It's not the end all. It's just a slight piece of the puzzle when we're trying to put this together in a very short period of time.”