Notre Dame coach Brian Kelly has stated that if Cincinnati had made the BCS title game against Alabama he might never have come to Notre Dame.

Texas kicked a winning field goal in the last second against Nebraska to make the title game.   

A Nebraska win would likely have put Kelly's Cincinnati (12-0) team in the January 7 championship game.

"Who knows what would have happened if Nebraska wins that game," Kelly said on "The Afternoon Saloon" on ESPN 1000.

"I might not be here at Notre Dame because we don't know if they would have waited for me, because I was going to play in the national championship game," he continued.

Instead, Cincinnati will play Florida (12-1) in the Sugar Bowl without Kelly.

"The reality is the timing was lousy," Kelly said.

"I was not looking for a job. I was coaching my football team. We were working hard at developing our kids and trying to win football games.

"But the timing of this is one you can't help."

 Kelly said Texas might be a future opponent for the Irish.

"When you look at the teams that carry the same mission, Texas does that obviously," he said. "Those kinds of schools really are attractive to me.

Jack Swarbrick [Notre Dame Athletic Director] and I will sit down and look at our schedule as we move forward. I want to be around the best, because we're asked to be the best. And that's the kind of schedule I want."