Notre Dame will win more than one national title head coach Brian Kelly has boldly predicted.

He told a Michigan radio show that he felt it could be done.

"More than one," he answered. "Absolutely."

Asked to follow up he said "I thought 'more than one' was brazen enough," he said. "I really believe we can get it done here. Maybe I'm nuts, but I like our chances."

He said he believed the key was getting the attitude right.

"The locker room was a mess when I got here," he said. "It lacked a little bit of discipline and attention to detail. I worked on it right away."

"I bought a home just north of the city in a gated community just in case we only win 12 games," Kelly said joking.

"It's high expectations, but I knew that coming in. I don't consider them unrealistic. I think Notre Dame should be fighting for the top BCS billing every year. But there's a fan base out there that wants to see it happen right away."

You bet there is and with confident talk like this Kelly is setting expectations very high.

Too high perhaps? With an unproven quarterback and no Golden Tate?

What do you think?