Brian Kelly sure sounds like he is heading for Notre Dame.

On Sunday night he told ESPN that "it has to be a unique circumstance" and an "incredible opportunity" for him to leave Cincinnati.

Sounds like Notre Dame to me. 

Notre Dame Head Coach is certainly "an incredible opportunity," arguably the most high profile coach in football — and I mean any kind of football.

Kelly says: "You certainly are always going to look at program relative to their tradition and history. That you don't have to go in and rebuild."

Sounds like Notre Dame. History and tradition? Notre Dame oozes it — too much of it many might say and it affects new coaches — but that is another story.

Kelly says: "You probably consider things, but the nice part about it is that I don't have to go out looking for anything at the University of Cincinnati."

Sounds like Notre Dame. I have been told they are already in contact.

Notice what he is not saying. "l am staying at Cincinnati period." There is no Shermanesque quote here like Bob Stoops at Oklahoma — who I predicted was never in the mix.

He is leaving the door very much open for Notre Dame to keep calling. He will walk through that door, I believe. I have said Kelly will be head coach of the Fighting Irish. I see nothing that has changed that situation.

Except his bargaining power after the last second incredible win over Pittsburgh.

If that is sorted out, welcome to Notre Dame, Coach Kelly.