Coach Brian Kelly of Cincinnati certainly did not rule out a Golden Dome in his future when finally asked about it at a teleconference on Monday.

Kelly has been mum about Notre Dame but this answer on Monday reveals a lot. He was asked about the rumors that have been swirling about a possible Notre Dame approach.

"As far as the rumors go, our kids really don't pay much attention to them, because I don't," Kelly said. "I don't get distracted. We're humbled that our name is being associated with programs, but we don't really spend much time thinking about it. Our kids have become immune to it, as I have." 

Be still my heart. That is hardly a Shermanesque pronouncement that he will never serve or that he has no intention of pursuing an approach from the Fighting Irish.

He could have said he is not interested period. He could have said that his family was happy and wanted to stay where they were, he could have said that there was no way he was leaving Cincinnati.

But he didn't.

Domers who are hanging on every word these days from Kelly and Urban Meyer among others, will take heart in Kelly leaving the door a tad ajar.

As the Irish tumble towards another dreadful season it is accepted wisdom now that the Weis era is over. The university has made a mistake and needs to move on from it.

This writer has been clear from the beginning that Kelly is the perfect answer. The Irish American would have an immediate connection with the place and would feel right at home if recruited.

He knows Cincinnati is living the dream but the money and national attention that Notre Dame would bring him will be very hard to resist.

Anyway it’s nice to see he hasn’t turned us down flat.