It was supposed to be the Notre Dame quarterback story with the Hollywood ending.

Brady Quinn was supposed to leave the Notre Dame campus after a stellar career there ending in 2007 and turn his local Cleveland Browns franchise around and lead them to the Super Bowl while the media flocked to cover the 'local boy from Dublin, Ohio, makes good' angle.

Except it never happened and this St. Patrick's Day Brady Quinn looks like a bust .

Instead Quinn finds himself traded to Denver after two very unhappy years with the Browns. At Denver he is likely to be back up to Kyle Orton, not a starter and will find it very hard to win the starting job,

Brady Quinn bench warmer? That seemed so unlikely when he was the pride of the Fighting Irish, a big good looking dude who threw caution to the winds and ended up with a few school records.

He had the bad luck to stay local when he was drafted with the 22nd pick however. Cleveland are horrible and head coach Eric Mangini is the worst in the league?

How so? Because he turned the Jets into an even worse rendition of 'Same old Jets' and now has made Cleveland into the same old Browns with a vengeance

How he retained his job when Mike Holmgren came in as General Manager remains a mystery,but getting rid of Quinn is clearly the beginning of a massive franchise clear out by Holmgreen.

Quinn was terrible even when he stared, but don't blame him. Rookie quarterbacks need time and encouragement and he got neither at Cleveland either in his rookie season or since. Now he's on his way to the second tier in the NFL and the local boy made good angle is a bust for ever. hard luck Brady Quinn bench warmer doesn't quite have the Hollywood ring.

“I appreciate everything Brady did for us last year and in his three seasons with the Cleveland Browns,” coach Eric Mangini said in a statement. “He is professional in the way he goes about doing his job and worked extremely hard at every aspect of his game. I wish him the best of success in Denver.”

Yeah right.