On Wednesday October 30, 2013, the Boston Red Sox won the World Series at home for the first time in 95 years. Needless to say I, a Boston native living in Brooklyn was ecstatic. We left Professor Thom’s and poured out into the streets drunk off the win and the fairly priced beer. There was so much cheering, clapping, and chanting. It felt as if I had stumbled out of an NYC bar and onto the streets of Boston.

The rest of the night anytime anyone with a red B on their cap walked by there was shouting and hugging and high-fiving. It was truly amazing. I have never felt any kind of camaraderie like that before. I’ll never forget it. Once I heard that the parade was Saturday, I feared that I was, once again, going to be unable to attend the parade. Then IrishCentral said, why don’t ya go? And I  said ‘On my way.’ That Saturday, I took well over 300 photos. Here are the 15 best photos I took from The Parade and my day in back in Boston.

1. The T on the way in was packed and loud. Full of laughter and liquor. The energy was beyond infectious.

2. We got off at Park St. to avoid the crowds at Government Center. We got out on to Boylston St. and realized that the crowds were everywhere.

3. Using a similar tactic from the Bruins Stanley Cup Parade we utilized back alleys away from the parade route to navigate. It worked again and we caught a glimpse of the 2013 World Series Champions flag.

4. Fans and spectators stopped by the BFD engine to express their gratitude for their services protecting the city of Boston.

5. When we finally got to our base camp (Five Hundred Boylston) we had this banner at out back.

6. This view of fans up the parade route.

7. And only two rows of people in front of us.

8. Saturday was a day for shoulder rides for fans young

9. and old.

10. The Dropkick Murphys preformed on a rolling float and were greatly appreciated by the city’s fans.

11. Their float also shot confetti into the sky making for a beautiful snow shower of red white and blue.

12. The Trophy finally rolled by and Boylston shook with screams of elation.

13. The statue of George Washington in Boston Commons wore a beard and a ‘617 Boston Strong’ Red Sox Jersey in celebration of the win.

14. These last two photos and the performance from Dropkick Murphys proves beyond reasonable doubt that Boston is a city full of sports fans, and of course proud Irish Americans.

15. “Hey! What the hell do you think you’re doing? This isn’t New York! The crosswalk is right f*ckin’ there!” -Boston PD directing Red Sox fans on how to properly and safely cross a street.