You have to hand it to Paddy Power. The Irish bookmaker makes a career out of odd and unusual bets but he may have surpassed himself this Super Bowl.

One of his strangest ones this year is who will the MVP of the game thank first?

You can bet on him thanking himself at 100/1, his dog at 500/1 and Paddy Power at 1000/1.

More likely, God is at even money, his teammates 7/4, his family 6/1, his coaches 18/1 and the owners 100/1.

I notice there are no odds that he will thank the fans, which I think would be a very likely call given that they will be going crazy during the presentation.

Maybe Paddy Power left them out deliberately -- if so that might have been a smart move.

Wouldn't it be fun though if Drew Brees thanked Rover his dog, or Peyton Manning thanked himself? In Manning's case he might get away with it because he has such a great wit.