I will be cheering for Green Bay on Sunday even though I have a lot of respect for the Pittsburgh owners, the Rooney family and the great work they have done in Ireland as well with the Steelers.

Fact is though I can't stand Ben Roethlisberger. The Pittsburgh quarterback is everything that is wrong with professional sport.
Like Michael Vick who abused helpless animals, Big Ben came perilously close to rape charges on two occasions.

I understand youthful indiscretions but following a drunken woman to a bathroom and doing who knows what there is not my idea of a trivial matter

It wasn't the first time Big Ben had gone off the reservation either . Once is bad enough , two is a rap record.

Yet the NFL star machine s busy repackaging both Vick and Roethlisberger as comeback stories, worthy of the name of heroes.

They are far from it and it is ironic that Ben plays with the Steelers, the organization that has come to symbolize class and respect in the NFL.

So call me a cheese head on Sunday in a game that promises to be an old fashioned donnybrook between two of the greatest franchise teams in American sport.

Just don't include Big Ben in the pantheon of Pittsburgh greats, not now, not ever.

Go Packers.