When you think of the Rooney family who own the Pittsburgh Steelers you think of class and decency.

When you think of the current Steeler quarterback Big Ben Rothleisberger you think of disgust, shame and a low life. The photo above of a drunken Ben and an acquaintance sends its own signal about what kind of person we are dealing with here.

A D.A. in Georgia said he couldn't prove for sure that Big Ben raped a young woman in a toilet stall during a drunken night there but he urged him to 'grow up' or face the consequences.

Sure Ben did not get charged with rape but following a drunken and underage young woman into a bathroom and allegedly doing his worst sure doesn't fit with the Rooneys and the Steelers image.

Worse his bodyguards may have "dragged" the drunken girl there according to a report in a Pittsburgh newspaper

He was also investigated about another incident with a woman in Lake Tahoe

Art Rooney was an incredible man and his son Dan, now Ambassador to Ireland, inherited the best traits of the Steelers founder.His son Art has said he was furious at Big Ben and his activities.

Dan insisted on black coaches, ran his franchise like a family firm, not a business and was rewarded with loyalty and support from players and fans alike. When Dan's team won the Superbowl the whole nation applauded.

And then came Ben.

Sure he has won two Superbowls and he has been a top quarterback but the Steelers were never about fame and glory alone and he has shown a desperate lack of maturity.

Rothleisberger fits with the Rooneys like fire does with ice . He is a headcase, a seriously troubled young man who should have no place in one of the great franchises of NFL history.

The Rooneys would be well rid of him.