He's the greatest footballer in the world but when he puts his Ipod on Lionel Messi loves to listen to the Gallagher brothers of Oasis.

Indeed, he is such a huge fan that Messi says he wants the band to reform to play at Argentina's homecoming party if they win the World Cup

Messi says his team mate Carlos Tevez, now with Manchester City, has turned him on to the two sons of Irish emigrants.

“Ever since he has been playing in Manchester, Carlitos has told me how great Oasis was”, said Messi. “On the plane on the way to the World Cup, Carlitos made me listen to their first two albums. I have to say I wasn’t expecting much but it is some of the best material I have ever heard”, he added.

“We have agreed that if we win the World Cup we want to fly them over to Argentina for our celebration party. We just need them to name their price.”

No word from Noel and Liam but I'd bet my bottom dollar they would go for it.