Young Dubliner Zak Gilsenan has been signed on by the Spanish soccer team for another two years to train at the Catalan club’s La Masia football academy.
After being discovered by a former Barcelona soccer player in Australia, he was asked to go in for a trial that consisted of over 400 boys from all around the globe. He managed to get moved onto the next round of 90 boys, ultimately winding up in a match of the top 16 players, where Zak displayed prodigy level skills, scoring 7 goals in that match.
After that performance, he was offered a spot in the club’s training academy. In his first year there, Gilsenan was played in three different positions; striker, right midfield, and right back. He finished the season with the honor of captaining the young Barca side against a series of international teams.
The Barcelonistas won all six of their matches to win the tournament, not conceding a single goal along the way.
With the way Gilsenan is progressing, it won’t be unlikely to see him compete in the 2022 world cup in Qatar.