The ship that was built in Belfast, Northern Ireland and set sail on its maiden voyage to New York in 1912 "sunk" for the second time nearly 100 years later.

A bouncy caslte version of the famous ship was not a hit at a toy trade fare in Switzerland. It even had inflatable icebergs.

The 40ft high slide is a replica of the luxury liner which sank on its maiden voyage to New York in 1912 drowning 1,517 passengers and crew.

Now toy manafactures want it to be used in a fun way!

The infaltable slide is designed on its side recreating the liner sinking into the sea with its heels high in the sky.

Visitors called the slide "sick."

"It's pretty sick. It's like having a bouncy graveyard.

"No-one could forget that scene from the Titanic movie with all the people sliding down the decks to their deaths. It's very insensitive."

But organizer Franziska Bhend explained: "The tragic Titanic accident happened years ago and those emotions have been dealt with long ago.

"Now people are having fun on the slide and enjoying themselves."

Switzerland's Titanic Club spokesman Gunter Babler said: "Is it ethical to let kids slide down the decks of a blow up Titanic? Hundreds of people died sliding down those decks."