The task of planning your travel to Ireland can be very daunting. You have many questions as to why you should choose this country as a destination for your next holiday. The forty shades of green make the Emerald Isle famous because of the wet and changeable weather in Ireland.

Although Irish drinks are very respectable, Irish food does not have the same reputation. In addition, budgeting for a trip to Ireland poses a serious challenge because the prices there are very high, the cuisine is not very tempting, and there is a lot of rain. However, you should not despair if you are planning a trip to this country for your next vacation because the following reasons make it a must visit place for you.

Prehistoric Monuments

Other cultures were thinking about ways of constructing decent mud huts when New grange got planning permission. The pyramids that are located at Giza are less than one hundred years younger than the passage graves in Ireland. The cosmetic alignments of these pyramids are also very spectacular. In addition, the numerous large prehistoric monuments that are located in a small space will be a major attraction for you.

A prominent musical tradition

Informal sessions in Ireland always play traditional music everywhere. They do not play stage spectaculars such as new age mysticism like run of mill or Enya standards and River dance. Instead, they play thriving and living tradition that local musicians carried forward.
Some of the most vibrant cities in Europe

Dublin has been famous for being a popular party destination for the younger generation in Europe for many years. Belfast is also becoming a favorite destination just like Dublin. Galway, Cork, and other major towns as well as both capitals offer a lot even for people who do not want to find the best nightspots in Dublin. You will be able to enjoy traditional events, highbrow festivals, parades, and even exhibitions.

An unspoilt landscape that has many natural wonders

A perfect example is Slieve League, which are the highest sea cliffs in Europe. You can only access these cliffs by using a local road that has gates, which you have to close and open for yourself. These cliffs only have a large unspoilt coastline, a car park and an information sign but they do not have tourist facilities and ticket offices.

Heritage towns, which are thriving communities and not museums

As compared to Heritage Towns in other parts of the world, which feel artificial and look like stage sets that are created to offer benefits to visitors, Heritage Towns in Ireland are a reflection of their name.

Multiple countries in one that give peace

Many tourists may have considered vacations in Derry and Belfast holidays in hell in the past.

owadays, Northern Ireland ranks as a peaceful place. The differences between the Ireland Republic and the other six Ulster counties that range from the partition, the tough Irish past to the local currency will amaze you.

Overall, there are very many attractions that make Ireland a must visit place for you. Besides, it is not necessary to apply for an ESTA visa waiver, as is the case when traveling to the USA.

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