The Irish have a way with words and sometimes it can be downright annoying. Here are the Top Twenty words and phrases rated most annoying in an online poll by

“You know that kind of way…”

“At the end of the day”

“Kicking the can down the road”

"People saying dotcom after things, ie, “Oh – I was out last night and now it’s” or “” or “It’s”

The constant abuse of the word ‘literally’

‘Whatever’—also voted most annoying phrase of all in America.



"Credit Rating"





“Adding ‘out’ to the end of anything, e.g. happy out, crazy out. It makes no sense as well as being irritating.” (From Super Kario)

"Going forward"

"Burn… Bondholders"

 “With all due respect…” (“I really think you’re an a**hole.”)

“As it were…” (As what was exactly?)

Adding “Boom!” to the end of a sentence annoyed Laura Murray

“Just bear with me”

“European partners”

“We are where we are”

“We have turned the corner”


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