If you’re like most people, you’ll be thinking about getting the most value for your money this Christmas. Take heart, it’s not all that difficult to find some bargains if you think about it.

If you’re not shopping for overly expensive luxury presents for the Irishmen in your life this winter here’s a few stylish suggestions that will show you care without squeezing your wallet. And best of all, these are gifts Irish men actually want!

1. Grooming

It’s a fact universally acknowledged: men can never have enough shaving equipment, even if they’ve grown beards. Give him a gift from Gentlemen’s Tonic to keep him looking his best.

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2. A New Coat

Duffle coats (or toggle coats, if you prefer) are the winter must have for men. Long derided as hopelessly nerdy, their sudden reemergence as the style trend is a thing to wonder at. But they’re warm and they’re well made and you can pick one up inexpensively so why not?

They’re becoming this year’s peacoat so why not jump on the bandwagon long before everyone else has one?

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3. A Stylish iPhone Case

Almost everyone has an iPhone and choosing a protective case for one is an art in itself. So why now pick one that’s turned the iPhone case into an art? Alkr has them in many colors but with style preeminent.

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4. A Winter Hat

There are many versions of the Peruvian hat and most you wouldn’t be caught dead in. But keeping warm in the winter is a serious business and you might as well look good in the process.

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5. A Leather Jacket

Every man should own at least one black leather jacket. How about one that’s well made for under $160 dollars? It can be done. Check out this one and buy early it’s the kind of value that doesn’t last long.

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6. A New Wallet

When your wallet has more creases than Samuel Beckett’s face it’s time for an upgrade. Here’s a leather wallet that’s sharp and slim and won’t cost you the bank.

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7. An official NFL Football

So he’s spent most of fall watching football and shouting at the TV but maybe if you buy him an official NFL football he might actually play some ball. He’s sure to be the envy of all the lads down the park.

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8. An iPod Nano

Let's face it, it’s a wired world and the iPod is still king. Here’s a little beauty that can hold thousands of songs, record video and play it all back to you though your headphones and your computer. It’s stylish also wildly inexpensive and no one’s going to sniff at one, so splash out.

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9. A Luxury Bathrobe

A luxury bathrobe will make you feel like a king. These hooded examples are the prefect gift and the price tag will be to your liking.

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10. A Classic Watch

This gorgeous watch from Kenneth Cole has classic New York stylings but comes at a bargain basement price. You could wear it with anything and know that it’s never out of place.

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