Recently launched a new jewelry line called Celtic Promise.

Why did you move to the U.S?
“Originally from Cobh, Co. Cork, I arrived here 12 years ago having finished my studies in Dublin. New York was never on my agenda but when I was offered an internship straight out of college I jumped at the opportunity and never looked back. Now, I can’t imagine what life would be like if I had never moved to New York.”

What is your favorite thing about living in New York?
“I love the diversity of the city, the different people, different cultures, the unexpected things that happen on a daily basis. Recently I experienced my first earthquake, and supposedly my first hurricane. But on retrospect I grew up in a hurricane. That type of weather was nothing unusual growing up in Ireland. Here they boarded up their windows and doors for hurricanes. Back home we walked to school in them.”

You recently launched a new Celtic jewelry online business?
“Celtic Promise is a new and exciting business venture that’s taking a fresh approach to showcasing and selling the best of Celtic jewelry. It’s an online source for handmade, traditional and modern designs, and showcases some of Ireland’s most talented designers of today.
“Our mission is to bring individual and carefully made pieces that are usually only found at local craft fairs and hard to find, exclusive, design stores. We want to regularly discover new designers, and connect our customers to an exciting and contemporary culture. Heritage jewelry with a contemporary twist -- that’s what Celtic Promise is all about.”

Where did the inspiration for this business venture come from?
“I spent seven years working for the consultancy division of the Irish government, Enterprise Ireland. I worked with many jewelry designers who wanted to showcase their designs to an audience beyond the traditional Irish trinket stores that are dotted around the U.S. The opportunity presented itself, and the mission was set. We wanted to create a place to promote the talents of Irish jewelry designers to a wider audience. We’re appealing to younger, more vibrant customers that represent the more contemporary and modern Ireland of today. We’re taking a fresh approach to an ancient Irish craft.  It’s that simple.”

How important is it that your jewelry personifies the Celtic heritage?
“Anything you find on our site will be representative of the Celtic heritage. That’s the premise upon which we are building our brand. Ireland is very fortunate to be steeped in a rich history of traditions and culture. This provides our artists with a powerful source of inspiration to create their designs. Jewelry is deeply personal, symbolic and representative of who we are as a people. The pieces we showcase are rich in symbolism and meaning, and represent an exciting and contemporary Celtic culture. For more information visit www.celticpromise.com.”

Interview by Molly Muldoon

Ruairi Curtin - recently launches new Irish jewelry line Celtic Promise