You would think that in order for a rugby player to play for Ireland, they or their parents would have to be from either the Republic of Ireland or Northern Ireland. Well, that is the case, but it seems the New Zealand Herald didn't get the memo.

The newspaper dubbed Ireland centre and Lions captain Brian O'Driscoll as 'Britain's greatest player of his generation', back in February 2013. In an article entitled 'Irish prince of centres laughs off speculation of succession' (I kid you not), Dublin-born O'Driscoll is given the accolade not once, but twice!

Of course, being named Britain's greatest rugby player is nothing to be sniffed at. In fact, it's quite the honour. Now if only it were true!

Brian O'Driscoll, British & Irish Lions, during a press conference ahead of the squad's departure for Hong Kong. British & Irish Lions Tour 2013SPORTSFILE