The name means "she who intoxicates" and once belonged to a formidable Irish warrior queen.

Could actress Thandie Newton be the reason behind the most popular baby name of the moment?

The British thesp stars in "Westworld" as the empowered brothel madam, Maeve (below) and ccording to Nameberry, the name Maeve has soared up the popularity charts. 

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The site reveals that, as per Social Security Administration stats, 860 baby girls born in 2017 were bestowed with the name Maeve.

“I do think Maeve’s prominent role on ‘Westworld’ ― which has a near-cultish following ― is, like so many other pop culture figures, a key factor in its growing popularity. She’s a strong and complex female character, played by the attractive, charismatic Thandie Newton,” Linda Rosenkrantz, co-founder of the popular baby names website, Nameberry, told HuffPost

“Although Maeve entered the lower ranks U.S. popularity list in 1997, the name has really started to take off since the inception of 'Westworld',” she added.

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The website ranks the moniker as the 360th most popular in the US as of 2017.

It attributes the meanings, "she who intoxicates" and "great cause of joy". 

As many Irish people will know, Maeve is a variant on Meadhbh. The powerful Queen of Connacht was equally feared and admired 

The female leader's story is intertwined with the  Tain Bo Cuilnge (Cattle Raid of the Cooley) saga. The legendary tale claims that the Queen was keen to take possession of the great bull of Cooley and thus summoned an army to claim it. It also believed that the woman would often ride into battle topless. 

A statue of Queen Meadhbh on Burlington Road, Dublin

The Queen married King Conchobar mac Nessa and, although they did have a son, Amalgad, their marriage was evidently short lived. She went on to marry Tinne mac Connrach, Eochaida Dala, and Ailill mac Mata and it is believed that she bore approximately ten children between all of them.

It is believed that the legendary Queen was killed at a battle in Ulster - by a slingshot that bore a single piece of cheese (yes, you read that right.) It is also stated that Meadhbh was burried upright, facing her enemies in Ulster. 

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