Move over Honey Boo Boo! Here comes the Irish version of ‘Toddlers and Tiaras.' 

On March 17th - St. Patrick’s Day, of course - at the Doubletree Hotel in Alsip, Illinois, four different categories of Irish princesses will be crowned at the 'Little Miss Irish Princess' pageant.

They are 'My Lucky Lil Irish Baby Contest’ (ages 0-4), the Irish Princess Pageant, the Irish Queen pageant, and finally the Miss Irish Pageant.

Scores of Honey O'Boo Boos are set to descend on the hotel according to organizers to take part in what is the sixth year of competition.

The ‘Little Miss Irish Princess’ pageant markets itself as an Irish-themed competition, but lacks any discernible relations to Irish culture, unless it’s Honey Boo Boo’s vision of Ireland. 

The good part about this pageant? It is a “natural” one - it prohibits excessive makeup. Whew, 0-4 year old babies wearing make up would be a sight!

For one part of the pageant, little Irish princesses only need to dig into their pockets! The site explains, “The contestant that sells the most votes will win a 5 ft trophy and be named the overall popularity princess. (votes are $5 each)”

The Tammany Hall boys would surely love that system!

The pageant’s site says: “This is a natural pageant. No makeup is allowed on girls 8 & under. Clear Lipgloss is the only exception. Light makeup is allowed on girls entered in the Miss Queen Pageant (ages 9 & up)  Any questions please ask the director. No modeling experience is necessary. Judging will be based on a score of 1-10 for Personality(babies)/Poise, Facial Beauty, & Overall Appearance. Our panel of judges will be looking for naturally beautiful girls and handsome boys with personality!”

As part of the ‘Little Miss Irish Pageant,’ there is an “Irishwear Event” portion. The pageant’s site says: “Contestants may wear an Irish Themed outfit of their choice. This may be an Irish Dance Dress or any Irish themed outfit. Judging will be based on Creativity of Outfit and Overall Appearance. A winner in each division will receive a trophy. 2 finalists in each division will receive a nice award. Upbeat music will be provided for everyone or you may provide your own music. Hair pieces or wigs may be worn for the Irish Themed wear event only.”

There are lots of  pictures on the site of toddlers donning sparkly green tutus, which isn’t necessarily the “Irishwear” that any Irish or Irish-American person is familiar with. Ah well.

Being “Irish” has fought a long hard battle against stereotypes in America, but I'll bet they have never encountered all that the ‘Little Miss Irish Pageant,’ entails. 

Rose of Tralee, eat your heart out.

A group shot from the 2009 'Little Miss Irish Princess' pageantLittle Miss Irish Princess Pageant